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Monday, October 14, 2013
By Christy Holcomb
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With the opening of CHP studios earlier this year, I made a conscious decision to market the CHP brand. I do not have a commercial background, and I've not exactly been accustomed to my name being so public, but I have been around business long enough to realize that brand recognition is extremely important. So with the help of a local graphic designer, and the ideas of my marketing major husband, we set off to make known the Christina Holcomb Photography brand. 

Business Cards - check. Window Clings - check. Website Design - check. Studio Sign - check. Sponsorships - check. Work Shirts (as of today!) - check. 


Ultimately, I firmly believe that high quality services and product, that which I define as the customer LOVING their image, is the difference between an average business and a great one, and not whether or not there is a snazzy marketing plan in place. However, I can tell you that a foot in the door is critical.  And in just a short time, I have been floored (and extremely humbled) by the number of potential clients that have recognized me by my little teal box and CHP logo. My brand has done everything that I have asked of it. Now it's up to me to take that recognition and create a highly professional reputation for my photography. 

Saturday, August 03, 2013
By Christina Holcomb
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It is great to be back on my blog!  The activity of life and a new studio have pulled my attention from updating this site. Being busy is good, but I have missed sharing much about the past few months!  

In celebration of opening a new studio in Clemmons, NC, I recently I issued a facebook challenge requesting suggestions for a fresh website tag line. I received many really good ones, mostly building on the idea of "capturing" or "developing" something special or memorable for the client. I also received some pretty funny ones that, unfortunately, wouldn't work for the official CHP brand; i.e., 'Shoot the Kids, Hang the Family and Frame the Wife', or perhaps 'Oh SNAP!'

Looking for originality, plus something that truly captured (there we go again) my philosophy with the business, I narrowed it down to a handful that were difficult to separate. However, after reading these over and over, I kept coming back to 'My Camera .... Your Story', submitted by Krista and Korey (your Panera gift card prize is on the way).

I especially like this saying because I believe the most compelling images are ones that share a story.  My camera is the creative tool I use to capture this story. As a photographer, I aim to find YOUR story and record it through my lens. "My Camera...Your Story"

Thanks for all of your entries and words of encouragement!

I would love to photograph your story!



Thursday, March 29, 2012
By Christina Holcomb
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Sharing a Rock the Shot.
Nothing says SPRING like a cherry blossom!
This senior session was timed just right for these blooms.
Every few days I was visiting Reynolda Gardens in hopes that my favorite tree would be flowering!
This image was taken at ISO 200, f4.0, 1/125sec with a Nikon D700 using a 70-200mm lens.
You can check out this photo entry (look for the green bordered photo) as well as some other spring photos
You may enter too!

Thursday, February 23, 2012
By Christina Holcomb
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As I write this, I can’t imagine being the mom of a graduating senior! I get goosebumps at every senior night. I love watching the athletes and their parents walk on the field/court. I try to imagine what each parent is thinking at this special moment. Some are smiling… some are crying…some are pumping their arms in celebration. How does eighteen years go by so darn fast? When did my baby grow up? Did I teach you everything? Did I teach you ANYTHING? YES! I am so proud of you! My, how beautiful you are! What a blessing you have always been! …I sure am going to miss you next year…

All I know is that this mom will be carrying the JUMBO box of Kleenex during her daughters’ senior years.

Until then, I will gladly help you commemorate this special occasion.
Here are some recent samples of Jenna’s graduation announcements.
I would love to help you get that special photo and memorable invitation!