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Sunday, January 25, 2015
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A Successful Business Headshot

Having a current business headshot is more than important. It has become the expected norm in the marketplace.  Quite often, a headshot is the first introduction of a company and it’s brand to a potential client or business partner.  Shouldn’t it be an image that presents you and your business in the best possible manner?  If your current headshot is more than three years old or you are have been using the generic linked-in profile icon, it is time to update your headshot!   



Obtaining a current headshot is a quick and simple process.  With a small amount of planning on your part, you can ensure a fabulous new headshot.  To help with this, I have outlined a few tips to a successful headshot. 

Top Ten Tips to a Successful Headshot

1.     Have your outfit ready the night before.  Make sure it is pressed and clean. 

2.     Keep it simple.  Avoid large jewelry, bulky jackets or exaggerated patterns.

3.     Relax and trust your photographer.  Yes, having your headshot made can feel like a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t need to be.  Trust your photographer to capture a great image.  You will be glad to have one for business cards, publications and marketing purposes.  Having a headshot made can be fun!

4.     Choose a top with a flattering neckline.  Avoid bulky tops or one’s with bold patterns.  Solids are best.

5.     Choose clothes that compliment your skin tone.  If light skinned, avoid a solid white shirt.  If possible, choose a color darker than your skin tone or one that has some contrast to your skin tone.  Avoid solid bright red or all black.

6.     Choose clothes or jacket that compliment your eye color.  Blue eyes – blues, pinks, grays.  Green eyes – browns, greens, oranges.  Brown eyes – most colors.  Jewel tones are nice.

7.     Men’s standard business look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie.  For a more casual look consider a jacket with an open dress shirt or a dress shirt on it’s own.  Polo shirts can also be a good choice for some businesses.

8.     Do not get your haircut the day of your headshot.  Instead, give yourself a few days after a new haircut.

9.     Men, should shave the day of your headshot. 

10. Women, arrive wearing natural make-up or arrange to have your make-up applied for your headshot.


If you have specific concerns or need to create a unique look or brand, discuss your needs with your photographer.  If you are in the Winston Salem, NC area, I would also be happy to include you amoung my happy headshot clients!


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Wednesday, January 14, 2015
By Christina Holcomb Photography
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Happy New Year!  


Start 2015 with an updated business headshot.  Having a current headshot for linkedin, business cards and your website is crucial for networking and presenting yourself as a professional.  To help service my clients and Winston Salem professionals CHP is bringing back "LOVE your HEADSHOT" February.  


We are scheduling NOW for this limited Febrary event which includes a complimentary 5x7 and gift card to a local eatry or coffee shop.  I would love the share the LOVE and these gifts with you!  Give me a call to schedule your headshot in Febrary.  336-473-2926 

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
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I just finished reading The Hunger Games…finally, I can go see the movie that everyone is talking about!

I now understand why so many are interested in auditioning for the sequel, Catching Fire. It will also be filmed in North Carolina.

If interested in auditioning, the process begins with a resume and a headshot.

That’s why this young actress came to see me. I helped her with a headshot.

I can’t wait to see the outcome of her interests and hope to see her on the big screen!

Break a Leg A.S., just not in the arena!

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Monday, January 23, 2012
By Christina Holcomb
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I know many of you are in the need of a current head shot. Having a current image is a necessity for corporate publications, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other business or networking needs. Please call me to schedule head shot today!
Christina Holcomb Photography
Winston-Salem, NC
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