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Monday, October 14, 2013
By Christy Holcomb
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With the opening of CHP studios earlier this year, I made a conscious decision to market the CHP brand. I do not have a commercial background, and I've not exactly been accustomed to my name being so public, but I have been around business long enough to realize that brand recognition is extremely important. So with the help of a local graphic designer, and the ideas of my marketing major husband, we set off to make known the Christina Holcomb Photography brand. 

Business Cards - check. Window Clings - check. Website Design - check. Studio Sign - check. Sponsorships - check. Work Shirts (as of today!) - check. 


Ultimately, I firmly believe that high quality services and product, that which I define as the customer LOVING their image, is the difference between an average business and a great one, and not whether or not there is a snazzy marketing plan in place. However, I can tell you that a foot in the door is critical.  And in just a short time, I have been floored (and extremely humbled) by the number of potential clients that have recognized me by my little teal box and CHP logo. My brand has done everything that I have asked of it. Now it's up to me to take that recognition and create a highly professional reputation for my photography. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
By Christina Holcomb
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Thanks to the request of some wonderful clients, I am once again offering the annual 'Sports Mini-Session' to local high school / middle school athletes. Similar to 2012, the 30 minute mini-session is being offered for $25, with no committments.  The standard packages will be available, as will individual print, digital image and customized product options.  

One positive change from 2012, I expect the customer experience to be significantly enhanced, as these sessions will be shot in the new studio.  This will allow each client to arrive in the Broyhill Center's comfortable waiting area and utilize any of the dressing areas in preparation for their shoot.

I am reserving SATURDAY, September 28th from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM for these sessions. Hopefully this will allow you to plan now for the best time slot and make sure that any uniforms, and/or props, can be secured for the shoot. 

See a few samples below and take a look through my sports galleries. Many of the samples that I use for sports portraits either came by way of the sports mini-session or similar backdrop / studio shoots. This is an ideal time for all sports, not only the fall sports, as I have found most coaches extremely helpful in securing uniforms out of season for these sessions.  

Call (336-493-2926) or email ( now to book your mini-session or with any questions.  Hope to see you on the 28th and I would be honored to help create an image that truly captures you or your star athlete. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
By Christina Holcomb
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I am very excited to unveil the official "Preparation Equals Performance" (PEP Campaign) marketing posters for Athletic Republic - Winston Salem and Christina Holcomb Photography.  Earlier today I had the opportunity to display our first three images at the new training complex on Phoenix Drive, and beginning at this Friday's RHS football game, similar full page ads will be found in the all-sports programs. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Athletic Republic, you should know that AR provides the most comprehensive training in the area for young athletes. Dedicated to results based programs, Randall Allred and his staff ensure that each athlete receives the optimum mix of weight, speed, plyometric and sports specific drills, to maximize performance across select skills. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Christina Holcomb Photography, you should know that CHP provides a wide variety of sports photography products and sessions, including the newly introduced 'Game Day' package. Experience in shooting all high school sporting events, has allowed me to gain a working knowledge of how best to utilize the local fields, gyms and courses for that every best picture.  Coupled with studio sessions, I can also offer a wide range of products; custom collages, standouts, metal prints .... (see package options below)

I hope that you take the time to visit Athletic Republic (you will be as amazed with the results as we were with our own athlete) and should you have photography needs, I would absolutely love to work with you on creating a package that is just right.  



Saturday, August 03, 2013
By Christina Holcomb
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It is great to be back on my blog!  The activity of life and a new studio have pulled my attention from updating this site. Being busy is good, but I have missed sharing much about the past few months!  

In celebration of opening a new studio in Clemmons, NC, I recently I issued a facebook challenge requesting suggestions for a fresh website tag line. I received many really good ones, mostly building on the idea of "capturing" or "developing" something special or memorable for the client. I also received some pretty funny ones that, unfortunately, wouldn't work for the official CHP brand; i.e., 'Shoot the Kids, Hang the Family and Frame the Wife', or perhaps 'Oh SNAP!'

Looking for originality, plus something that truly captured (there we go again) my philosophy with the business, I narrowed it down to a handful that were difficult to separate. However, after reading these over and over, I kept coming back to 'My Camera .... Your Story', submitted by Krista and Korey (your Panera gift card prize is on the way).

I especially like this saying because I believe the most compelling images are ones that share a story.  My camera is the creative tool I use to capture this story. As a photographer, I aim to find YOUR story and record it through my lens. "My Camera...Your Story"

Thanks for all of your entries and words of encouragement!

I would love to photograph your story!



Monday, July 29, 2013
By Christina Holcomb
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Yes, I have "officially" been in business for two years now.  I have been learning a great deal, meeting wonderful clients and having an absolute blast with sporting events, senior portrait sessions and various photography organizations. 

However, until now, I have been in a state of limbo with my actual studio.  Inviting families over to the garage has made it seem a bit less professional than I would have liked, not to mention the additional effort required to set-up and tear down on a regular basis, all the while manuevering around the lawn mower and bicycles! We have made it work and those clients have been super patient and kind. THANK YOU!

All this to say, I have made the decision, and the leap of faith, to lease some space. So, let me introduce you to the new Christina Holcomb Photography Studio.  Located in the Broyhill Suites (C-101) in Clemmons, NC. It is exactly what I have been looking for and meets all my current needs.  I have loved getting to know the various tennants in the buillding and the staff at Broyhill is incredibly small business friendly. 

Attached are a few photos from our first month remodeling, move-in and set-up.  We will continue to look for ways to make it both comfortable and practical for the client, as well as efficient and technologically advanced for the business.

I hope to announce a grand opening soon, and would love to personally show you around.   

Remodeling the space : Demolition, lighting, paint .....

Coming together

Can shoot against drops on both walls, and against the third open wall

Broyhill is very gracious about common space and allowing tenants to "own" areas outside specific suites

Will begin client viewings at studio shortly


Located off of Clemmons Road (next to Clemmons Elementary), the Broyhill building provides CHP with conference rooms, changing areas, restrooms and waiting areas, as well as a suite that is across from the main reception hall (a busy place for weddings and receptions).