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Monday, October 14, 2013
By Christy Holcomb
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With the opening of CHP studios earlier this year, I made a conscious decision to market the CHP brand. I do not have a commercial background, and I've not exactly been accustomed to my name being so public, but I have been around business long enough to realize that brand recognition is extremely important. So with the help of a local graphic designer, and the ideas of my marketing major husband, we set off to make known the Christina Holcomb Photography brand. 

Business Cards - check. Window Clings - check. Website Design - check. Studio Sign - check. Sponsorships - check. Work Shirts (as of today!) - check. 


Ultimately, I firmly believe that high quality services and product, that which I define as the customer LOVING their image, is the difference between an average business and a great one, and not whether or not there is a snazzy marketing plan in place. However, I can tell you that a foot in the door is critical.  And in just a short time, I have been floored (and extremely humbled) by the number of potential clients that have recognized me by my little teal box and CHP logo. My brand has done everything that I have asked of it. Now it's up to me to take that recognition and create a highly professional reputation for my photography. 

Tuesday, September 03, 2013
By David Holcomb
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I am the husband of a professional photographer. I certainly don't know the ins-and-outs of formulating the perfect image, as Christy so masterfully does, but I do know how to set up the lights, change out the backdrops, collect the client information and 'gopher' anything else that is needed.  I really do enjoy being around CHP.

This past week, I had the opportunity to accompany Christy on a delivery.  There were several big pieces that needed my assistance, and I had met the clients prior, so I was looking forward to the drop off. What I observed made me realize why she is so passionate about each image. 

As we began unveiling the prints, the expressions of joy grew greater and the smiles grew wider. I can't adequately describe how happy these parents were with the image of their beautiful baby girl, but I can still see those tears start to flow and that great big hug that the mom gave Christy.  That's when it hit me. The pressure in each portrait session to get everything just right, it's because this is the type of moment that Christy strives for every time. When she says "I want you to LOVE your pictures", now I know what she means.  

I think I will tag along on a few more deliveries. I might even learn how to take a photo someday. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
By Christina Holcomb
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Thanks to the request of some wonderful clients, I am once again offering the annual 'Sports Mini-Session' to local high school / middle school athletes. Similar to 2012, the 30 minute mini-session is being offered for $25, with no committments.  The standard packages will be available, as will individual print, digital image and customized product options.  

One positive change from 2012, I expect the customer experience to be significantly enhanced, as these sessions will be shot in the new studio.  This will allow each client to arrive in the Broyhill Center's comfortable waiting area and utilize any of the dressing areas in preparation for their shoot.

I am reserving SATURDAY, September 28th from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM for these sessions. Hopefully this will allow you to plan now for the best time slot and make sure that any uniforms, and/or props, can be secured for the shoot. 

See a few samples below and take a look through my sports galleries. Many of the samples that I use for sports portraits either came by way of the sports mini-session or similar backdrop / studio shoots. This is an ideal time for all sports, not only the fall sports, as I have found most coaches extremely helpful in securing uniforms out of season for these sessions.  

Call (336-493-2926) or email ( now to book your mini-session or with any questions.  Hope to see you on the 28th and I would be honored to help create an image that truly captures you or your star athlete.